Our Programs

What we do?

SATHI provides excellence in programming to increase access to education, health care and income generation opportunities for children and families who are socially and economically underprivileged or denied of their basic rights. We are dedicated to family preservation and our work has been effective in reducing urban migration and child labor while empowering students and families to make significant gains toward a better future.

What makes SATHI special?

SATHI’s social mobilizers routinely visit homes and schools to provide encouragement and guidance; to monitor attendance and performance; and to inspire parental involvement in their children’s education. All students receive school supplies, bags and textbooks, extra tuition/tutoring after school, access to our community center and parent support groups and medical support.

Educational Sponsorship Program

SATHI’s first grassroots initiative in 2000 was to sponsor individual students with the generous support donors. This idea later became the seeds for SATHI’s organizational growth now reaching thousands of children annually.

Education & Social Support Program

SATHI NEPAL’S Education and Social Support Program (ESSP) provides educational and social support to over 400 disadvantaged children and youth at high risk of being homeless, living on the streets or vulnerable to child labor situations in Pokhara, Nepal.

Rural Education Program

SATHI teamed up the CAIRN Trust UK to expand our work to rural areas where we continue to successfully promote the rights of children, increase literary rates through integration into formal education and reduce urban migration.

Educational Support Program

SATHI NEPAL’s Educational Material Support Program (EMS) was originally launched in 2005 and currently supports 3,000 students including children with disabilities to attend school in Pokhara and remote earthquake affected communities.